*1990 in Prague


Pavel was not one of those children that were forbidden to watch horror movies on TV. Actually he grew up with these kinds of movies, ever since he was surrounded by old VHS cassettes, mostly stolen from dubbing studios. Even in early age he changed many character roles, supported by self made costumes, his strange looking facial expressions were good, planned pieces of choreography. While growing older (with the help of a psychologist) he found that acting was not his calling, and that filmmaking would be more suitable. He has chosen the easy way and started to study the lonely field of animation at UMPRUM. After he learned all the important things from those little moving characters, he started to apply all his knowledge to real living actors. These days he is occupied with directing and editing short animated and feature films, advertisements and videos.

VIDEO PORTFOLIO (films, spots, commercials)




2014 (summer intership) School of Visual Arts, New York

                                 Film & Video

2010–2015 Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague

           Studio of Film and TV Graphics

2009–2010 College of Vaclav Hollar in Prague

           Interactive Graphics

2005–2009 High art school of Vaclav Hollar in Prague

          Applied Graphic Design



Czech - native

English - advanced level



Adobe Photoshop - high level

Adobe Illustrator - advanced level

Adobe Premiere - high level

Adobe After Effects - advanced level

Adobe InDesign - advanced level



YOUTH TIME "Youth-Horror: Challenging the Film Production of the Region



Zmlsané dějíny (seriál, MALL TV 2018) - Director, Screenwriter, Editor

Domovoi (2017) - Director, Editor, 2D Animation

Leshy (2015) - Producer, Director, Character Designer

          STUDENT MAGNESIA AWARD 2015, Best Czech Short Film Award Nomination

          FAMUFEST 2015. Best Sound Award

          FAMUFEST 2015. Best Film Audience Award

She Is Not My Sister! (2015) - Director, DoP, Postproduction

film anthology Pioneers of Horror II (2015)

Girl That Didn ́t Cry (2014) - Director, Postproduction

CINEMASPOT 2014, Best Film Award

Wildlife Crossing! (2014, dir. Noro Držiak) - Character Designer

Class of Death (2013) - Screenwriter, Director, Graphics, Postproduction

BLOODY XMAS FEST 2014, Best Film Award

HORROR FILM TV NIGHT 2014, Best Film Award

anthology Pioneers of Horror I (2014)

Springman (2013) - Screenwriter, Director

Tumorrow Never Knows (2011) - Director, Animation, Graphics, Postproduction

DVD Czech Short Films Vol. 3 (2013)

STUDENT MAGNESIA AWARD 2011, Best Czech Short Film Award Nomination

OFFELIADA FESTIVAL 2011, Student Grand Prix

Feeders (2010) - Story, Director, Animation, Graphics, Postproduction

DVD Year Zero: Czech animation 2000-2010

DVD Komiksfest 2010

GRYFEST 2010, Best Film Award



Production & Agency: Pink, Outbreak, Remembership, Bistro Films, Cinq, k-pictures, Tvision, Fox Hunter, Lunchmeat, Nomen Public Relations, (ShortStream), CutProduct, Médea Promotion


Clients: AKESO holding a. s., Milka, Hello Bank, Cetelem, Art Directors Club, Century 21, Lenovo, Google (CZ, SK), ZOOT, Automat, Veršatyl, Noir Film Festival, Cena Pavla Kouteckého, iShorts